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Northern Technical is now part of Donaldson Company. Northern Technical, based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is the largest manufacturer of gas turbine air filter intake systems in the Middle East. The acquisition broadens Donaldson Company’s industry-leading global filtration product portfolio. Donaldson will integrate Northern Technical’s unique filtration technology into our first fit equipment and aftermarket products, offering our customers an enhanced line of gas turbine filter solutions. Some of these products include:

NorrVee and NorrCel Static Filter Elements

The NorrVee and NorCel static filter elements provide higher power output and increased turbine availability. These filter elements increase overall system efficiency by reducing power loss while improving fuel economy. The NorrVee series filter is available with water and oil resistant media and can withstand exposure to free moisture in the air-stream.

NorrPak Pulse Filter

The NorrPak pulse filter optimizes power output by eliminating performance reducing deposits in your compressor section. Their outstanding filtration efficiency reduces power losses while improving fuel consumption.

For more information on the Northern Technical acquisition, see our press release or contact us today.

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